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Leadership & Advocacy

Leading Through Tough Times

Leading a team during difficult times can be challenging. Here are five tips to do so effectively. 

3 signs that you are leadership material

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Here are three signs you are leadership material.

3 tips for improving your leadership style

To improve your leadership style, spend time on the these three exercises. 

3 ways to become a better mentor

No matter what industry you work in, mentorship is an important part of being successful in the workforce.  

5 ECE Training Online Tips to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

Use these five tips to help your team develop into exemplary employees who trust and respect your authority.   

5 Online Professional Development Ideas for Teachers

It’s always a good time to focus on online professional development for teachers. Educators, like any professional, need to always be learning. Knowledge helps you stay at the front of new industry trends or changes. You'll also become an even better educator to impact children in a positive way.

5 tips for leading a virtual team

When you can't simply walk down the hall to discuss strategies and objectives with your employees, you can use these five tips to more effectively manage your team. 

5 ways busy teachers stay energized

Instead of loading up on another latte, try one of these natural strategies for staying energized.  

Advice for parent-teacher conferences

Here are three suggestions for parent-teacher conferences.

Age-old advice for young leaders

If you're a young leader, check out this sage advice. 

Alert! How to lead effectively during an emergency situation

To be an effective leader during a crisis situation, you must remember the acronym CPR.

Are you a productive leader?

Here are a few ways you can become a more productive leader.

Are you sure you're a great leader?

Unsure if you are a great leader? Here are a few key thoughts to consider.

Are your leadership methods too old school?

Consider these three areas where you might need to update your outdated leadership style.

Assessing weaknesses in your leadership style

Research the trends in your field, poll your coworkers and be critical about assessing your own leadership weaknesses.

Being a transparent leader through a corporate change

Here are a few strategies about how to be and remain a transparent leader during a difficult workplace transition.

Being Thankful as a Leader

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind for being a thankful leader and building a work culture with an attitude of gratitude. 

Being the best leader you can be

Here are a few helpful suggestions for becoming the best leader you can be.

Best Online CDA Classes for Diversity

Best Online CDA Classes for Diversity TrainingIf you are working on your Child Development Associate (CDA) credential™, you may need to take some diversity classes. This young generation of children is more diverse than any generation before them, and regardless of where you live, you are going to bump into some diversity.

Book Recommendations for Early Childhood Educators

Reading (or listening to) books is a great way to continue learning to learn. We asked our instructional design team to tell us their favorite books for educators. These books are great for parents, teachers, caregivers, and directors.

Can you become an adaptable leader?

Here are two ways to become a more adaptable leader.

CDA Renewal Helps You Develop As A Young Leader

Being a young leader is difficult, so here are a few pieces of advice for developing in your leadership role.

CDA Training to be a Professional Leader in the Classroom

CDA training can help prepare you to internalize and uphold the values of being a professional in the classroom. Here are a couple of areas to help you.

CDA® Renewal Checklist

To help teachers stay up to date with the CDA credential, the Council for Professional Recognition is making the renewal process easier than ever through its temporary CDA Renewal amnesty program. 

Child Care Training and Tips for Self-Care

Job burnout is an all-too-common occurrence in child care workplaces. Online child care training courses can help prepare you to overcome workplace burnout.

Choosing a career in early childhood education

Once you've made the decision to pursue a career in early childhood education, consider these career opportunities. 

Could your leadership style be too nice?

Here are three ways you may be too nice at work.

Dear my younger self: Here's key leadership advice you should know

Here are two pieces of leadership advice you may wish you could tell your younger self.

Drawing the line between coaching and criticism

Learn to coach without the criticism.

Five ways to improve workplace happiness and satisfaction

To improve happiness and satisfaction at your workplace, follow these five tips. 

Great leadership is all about team investment

To achieve effective leadership, you must first invest in your team and provide them with a clear set of expectations. 

Have any of these leadership myths fooled you?

Here are a few dispelled myths about being a great leader!

How can I build up the next generation of leaders?

Part of being an effective leader is developing the next generation of leaders, here are a few tips to do just that!

How can I make my team meetings more productive?

To keep your meetings running smoothly and efficiently, follow these three pieces of advice!

How can you be a more humble leader?

Truly humble leaders are self-aware and know how to strike a balance between being humble and confident. 

How can you become a humbler leader?

To become a humbler leader, here are four factors you must consider.

How can you effectively lead by example?

Leading by example is an essential component in a good leadership approach. Here are four ways you can begin exemplifying a good leadership style starting today.

How can you lead when you don't feel like a strong leader?

Leading isn't easy. Follow these three pieces of advice about how to stay strong even when you don't feel like being a leader.

How can you leverage your transferable skills in your new leadership position?

There are many transferable skills you can use to succeed as a leader, no matter what career or job you take.

How do I become an early childhood education instructor?

If you enjoy working with children, a career as an early childhood education instructor might be right for you. 

How educators can manage change in their institutions

Change is inevitable in education and leadership should know the best way to implement these new procedures.

How to act like a confident leader (when you aren't)

Fake it until you make it. Here are three tips about how you can be a confident leader, even when you don't feel like it.

How to become more productive

To maximize your productivity in the new year, here are a few tips.

How to keep your employees going during tough times

Leading during difficult times isn't easy, but here are three ideas to keep your employees going.

Transform Into A Better Leader With Online Child Care Training

ProSolutions Training offers classes that will allow you to earn your national Child Development Associate (CDA) certification online and achieve your career goals as a teacher or child care professional.

Why Leadership Development Matters

ProSolutions Training offers tips on 5 areas you can develop to take your center to the next level.It’s a big responsibility to provide a high-quality learning environment. You know how important it is for children to receive the care they need for healthy development. Every staff member must dedicate their time and skills into creating this nurturing environment.
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Head Start
Information overload: Concrete steps to become a better boss
If you are burdened with information overload about leadership tips, here are three simple, concrete steps to help you become a better leader today and cut through all the noise.
Is being a leader different from being a manager?
Here are some of the key differences between being a manager and a leader.
Leadership quotes that inspire any leader
Here are a few insightful leadership quotes from famous figures throughout history to help you become a better leader.
Leading a fast-growing company
If you are leading a company that is experiencing significant growth, follow these two tips to remain successful. 
Learning to stay on track as a leader
If you want to become more productive at work, cut out nonessential meetings and distractions in your daily life.
Looking and acting like a leader
Here are a couple of tips for how to act and look like a leader through body language.
Love your job so your employees can love theirs
Check out these tips to stay engaged in your leadership role. 
Maintaining confidentiality as a child care professional
Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that you do not violate any confidentiality regulations as a child care professional. 
Major indications you need to change your leadership style
Here are a few questions to ask yourself about whether or not your leadership style needs a change.
Online Child Care Training Courses to Improve Communication
Communication is key, especially in fields like eary child care and education. It's important to be able to speak with parents and your coworkers in a clear, respectful way. Communication is critical for ensuring that a team works to the best of its ability, especially in the sometimes chaotic environment of early child care. Childcare training courses are helpful in teaching and reminding us of ways to improve and enhance communications.
Setting short-term and long-term goals as a leader
Here are reasons why you should set short-term and long-term goals as a leader.
Speaking like a confident leader
Be straightforward, inspiring and don't be afraid of tough issues to speak like a confident leader.
Spend more management time on your staff instead of your inbox
Streamline your inbox to free up time to lead your team.
Strategies to focus and stop interruptions at work
Manage work interruptions with these tips. 
The Five Things You Need To Achieve Well-Being Today
It's important to focus on well-being during times of stress. Online child care training courses can help you stay well.
The power of positivity
Using positive words and having a positive outlook are important for being a successful leader in your field.
The top signs of effective leadership when you’ve been through online training for early childhood educators
The goal of ProSolutions Training is to provide online training for early childhood educators who want to become effective leaders both in and out of the classroom.
Timeless advice for becoming a better boss
While there are numerous definitions of a great boss, here are a few characteristics all of the best leaders possess. 
Tips for building a solid team
Here are two useful leadership tips to ensure that you build the best teams.
Top traits of a high-quality leader
To know if you or someone you wish to hire or promote has what it takes to be an effective leader, see if they possess these three essential traits. 
Trustworthiness: Key to quality leadership and employee loyalty
Are you inspiring your employees to trust you?
What does it really mean to be a great leader?
Here are a few considerations about what good leaders are and what they are not.
What kind of leader are you? A multiplier or diminisher?
To know whether you are a multiplier or diminisher kind of leader, ask yourself if you effectively communicate and build up your employees.
What to do when it is difficult to lead
Don't let hard times ruin your good leadership streak and follow these two pieces of advice about how to lead when times are hard.
What You Can Learn During CDA Training
Whether you take CDA training courses to earn or renew your credential, you can also learn a lot of key skills that will benefit you in the classroom.
What You Can Learn During CDA Training
Whether you take CDA training courses to earn or renew your credential, you can also learn a lot of key skills that will benefit you in the classroom.
Why Take CDA Classes Online
Why Take CDA Classes Online? The Child Development Associate Credential™ can be a great first step if you're thinking about a career in the preschool classroom. Getting this credential helps to ensure that you meet state and national requirements, and it ensures that you have the skills you need to be successful with a group of young children.Although you can get your CDA credential in person, you may want to consider the advantages of taking CDA classes online.