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Tips for building a solid team

While you may have all the qualifications and skills to be a fantastic manager and leader, without a quality team to support you, projects and goals might not be so easily accomplished. A key element of effective leadership is knowing how to form a team that brings out the best in all its members. Here are two tips that will allow your staff to confidently tackle any challenge that comes their way: 

  • Pair wisely: If you want to create a team of individuals for a challenging project, be careful about whom you choose for the job. Pair employees with various backgrounds, skills and personalities in order to get the most from this venture. Too many people with the same outlook won't spark creativity, while those with differing viewpoints may learn from each other and produce a solution that is wholly unique.
  • Trust is the last step: Once you have crafted your team or informed your employees about what is expected of them, it is now your turn to step back and trust them to accomplish the task on their own. Many individuals thrive without the looming threat of micro-management.

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