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2 strategies for inspiring creativity during art class

There are tried and true strategies for organizing artistic activities that keep kids engaged and provide tangible benefits.

2022 Book Club Reading List

Reading list for children, toddlers, and infants for 2022. Books will be added every month.

3 tips for better storytime

Reading aloud helps children down the path of lifelong literacy.

4 Online Classes for Early Childhood Education

If you want to work with children during their early years, you need to take a few online classes for early childhood education from ProSolutions Training.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Toddlers

Outdoor play for toddlers is good for their development in numerous ways. As a child care provider, outdoor play can offer 5 key benefits to your students.

5 supportive strategies for children's mental health

What is children’s mental health and more specifically what is the significance between a child’s mental health and their development? These are questions you may be asked as a child care professional. You may feel uncomfortable not knowing the specific answers or strategies to support children and families in need of guidance and/or support. The truth is, often when looking at ways to assist children with health and wellness, physical health is typically the primary focus.

8 ideas for incorporating STEM learning in the preschool classroom

If you want to incorporate STEM learning into the curriculum in your preschool classroom, consider trying the following eight ideas.

Building children's Phonemic awareness

Helping children build their phonemic awareness is crucial to their ability to develop literacy skills.

CDA Classes That Integrate Coding Into the Classroom

We offer CDA courses to help incorporate STEM practices into your classroom. Students of all ages receive the tools they need to succeed post-graduation.

CDA Renewal Course for Difficult Behavior

ProSolutions Training offers many CDA renewal courses. One of the courses available is our Creating Positive Outcomes from Problematic Behaviors course.

Childhood Development Training for Infants

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Get the courses you need to advance with Prosolution’s Training child development training.

Cut out the noise to support healthy toddler vocabulary development

A new study shows that toddlers have difficulty learning new vocabulary when they are consistently exposed to significant background noise.

Exploring math with preschoolers

One of the best ways of introducing mathematical concepts to preschoolers is integrating them into children's daily activities and interests.

Fun outdoor science activities for young children

Use these outdoor activity ideas to get your students excited about science.

Fun Summer Activity Ideas for Young Children

Don't let your student waste away in front of a screen all summer. Use one of these strategies to get them moving and having fun!

Get your preschoolers exercising

A recent study has found that preschoolers are not getting their recommended amount of daily activity.

Helping infants develop language skills

Though the infants you care for may not be talking yet, it's important to be intentional about helping them to gain the skills they will eventually need for verbal communication. 

How can you make math engaging in your classroom?

To get your students interested in math, make it a game and make it real through engaging activities and lessons.

How CDA Classes Make Language Learning Fun for Young Children

To encourage language development, here are two fun activities you can use in your classroom.

How music helps build mathematical understanding

Music is another method through which children can engage in mathematical thinking.

How to make a lesson plan

To organize the materials and topics you plan to introduce in a way that will best to help your students learn, start by creating an effective lesson plan.

How to make science fun for your kids

You must organize meaningful science-focused learning opportunities for your students.

How to make Valentine's Day special in your classroom

Make your Valentine's Day party fun with these two party ideas!
How to Stop Bullying: Training for Child Care Professionals
Here are two methods for making your classroom bully-free.
How to Teach About Science and Reading
Just as it's important to teach preschoolers basic reading, writing and math skills, early childhood educators should also focus on science.
How to throw a great winter party in your preschool classroom
To make sure your winter party is a blast, here are a few food and activity ideas your students will love.
How Your CDA Certification Helps You Teach Social and Emotional Development
One of the areas of focus when completing your CDA certification will involve the social and emotional development of young children. Explore some courses.
Integrating playful learning into the preschool classroom
Playful learning encourages children to interact with their peers and think critically.
Integrating social studies into lessons for young children
Here are a couple of activities to help young children learn about social studies.
Integrating technology into the preschool classroom
To introduce technology effectively in your preschool classroom, consider these four ideas.
Learning to support your students with ADD/ADHD
Here are a few suggestions to help support your students with ADHD.
March is National Nutrition Month
March marks National Nutrition Month, a reminder of the importance of serving children healthy foods. 
Math is key to school success
Here are simple ways to incorporate math into your preschool classroom's daily routine. 
Modernizing block play in your classroom
Before you break out the blocks, look over these methods for modernizing block play.
New study reveals 2-year-olds with better vocabularies are more prepared for kindergarten
A new study reveals that 2-year-olds with larger vocabularies are more prepared for kindergarten both socially and academically.
Playtime to promote healthy brain development
Here are some helpful suggestions on how to boost your baby's brain development through meaningful playtime. 
Preschool activities using pumpkin seeds
With the passage of Halloween, you may be wondering what to do with your classroom's leftover pumpkins.
Promote STEM fun with these engaging fall activities
If you are looking for ways to include STEM activities into your lessons, here are a couple fall-related experiments your students will love!
Simple ways to teach math in the ECE classroom
ECE teachers can facilitate fun hands-on learning experiences that help toddlers and preschoolers develop rudimentary mathematics skills and understanding.
Study: Reading to young children helps spur brain development, reading skills
A new study draws a direct link from reading to children to an increase in their brain development activity and later adoption of reading skills.
Teaching children background knowledge
Equipping students with background knowledge of the world around them will help them as they progress in school.
Teaching friendship to preschoolers
Here are ideas for teaching preschoolers about friendship. 
Teaching preschoolers the seasons and weather
Now that we've passed into a new season and fall is underway in most areas of the country, early childhood educators have a great opportunity to teach preschoolers about the seasons and different kinds of weather.
Thanksgiving Math Skills Activities
With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we wanted to compile holiday-related activities that also offer the chance for children to build their skills in other areas, including math.
The benefits of music for children
Not only can activities involving music and movement be enjoyable, they are also beneficial to children's development.
The benefits of music in the classroom
If you work in early childhood education, there are a number of benefits that music can offer the students in your classroom. 
Three activities to help hone toddlers and preschoolers' fine motor skills
Teaching toddlers and preschoolers how to effectively and intuitively make fine, precise movements with their hands and grip instruments like pencils and crayons are key parts of their education.
Two fun activities to promote creativity in young children
Here are two activities to promote young children's creativity. 
Using technology to support young students
Technology can be beneficial for your young students. Here are two ways you can leverage it to support your young students.
Walk the number line: Exercises that teach preschoolers math and counting skills
A number line activity is a great way for preschoolers to practice their counting and math abilities, while also gaining familiarity with recognizing difficult numbers.
What is Purposeful Play?
Purposeful Play is a broad term for making playtime more effective for children. If you organize the right types of play, you can help a child develop. This play can range from physical activities to mental activities. Either way, the important thing is you make sure the activities have a purpose.
What you should and shouldn't do when reading aloud in your classroom
Here are a few suggestions for what to do and what not to do when reading aloud in your classroom.