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Being the best leader you can be

As you probably know, being a leader is challenging at times. There are hard decisions to make, the feelings of your staff to consider, personnel issues, and dealing with the daily checklist of running an office, classroom, or child care facility. Though you may be confident about performing your duties, leadership is a difficult trait to hone while on the job. To help you become the best leader you can be, here are a few helpful suggestions:

  • Communication: Not only does your staff need to know what is expected of them, you should hear from them what is expected of you. Early on, establish a firm foundation of communication where your staff feels comfortable coming to you with all of their problems, praise, and constructive criticism.
  • Creativity: If your staff feels empowered to create their own ideas, they will be infinitely happier at their job. While you are entrusted with guiding them along the way, a sign of a good leader is being able to step back and let your team rise to their creative potential.
  • Positivity: Though you may be having a hard day, don't allow your negativity to follow you into the workplace. Leaders set the tone for the office, which means that if you are visibly unhappy, everyone around you will feel on edge and unhappy too.

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