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Timeless advice for becoming a better boss

What is it that makes someone a great boss? Is it her ability to communicate effectively? Or maybe his drive to hold smart and informative meetings? Perhaps its the ability to simultaneously befriend and warrant respect from his or her staff? Whatever the case, there are numerous leadership styles and definitions about what qualifies as a being a good boss.

No matter what industry or level of experience, there are always a few timeless attributes that heavily contribute to someone being called a great boss. Here are just a few of those traits:

Treat everyone with respect
How does the golden rule go? Treat others the way you want to be treated? To become a better boss, you certainly want to follow this rule and treat all of your coworkers and employees with the respect they deserve. Whether your employees are young, old, struggling or over-achieving, you want to create an environment of respect around the office. Don't openly criticize poorly performing employees, but also don't go overboard with praise for the ones who are going above and beyond. Instead, balance open and private criticism and praise to treat them with respect.

Don't be afraid to be wrong
Just because you are the boss, doesn't mean you will always be right. The best leaders are those who are brave enough to admit when they are wrong. Whether its a failed project or a bad hire, be open with your team and don't be afraid to admit it when you have made a mistake. They respect you more for your honesty.

Support your team
Supporting your team is one of the main traits of being a great boss. It is hard to complain about your boss when they go out of their way to provide you with the information, tools, resources and anything else you need to do your job well and easily. Provide your employees with development opportunities, team outings and more that not only show that you care, but emphasize that you want to further their career growth - not just get work out of them. 

Be more than just 'the boss'
While you are in a position of authority, that doesn't mean you have to always assert it. Though you will need to step in and make tough decisions or have the final word in certain cases, you don't want to become overbearing. You want to be more than just "the boss" in your office if you hope to win over the trust of your employees. While you don't have to become friends or be informal, you do need to connect with employees. There are an endless number of ways to step out of the "box boss" and simply be a team leader.

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