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Working with Families

3 Tips for Working With Families from Our Online Training Courses

Trying to talk with someone who is frustrated can be challenging. Today we're sharing three tips for dealing with upset parents from our online teaching courses.

AAP has changed its guidelines regarding screen-time for young children

The American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) recently issued new guidelines for screen-time for young children.

Advice for parent-teacher conferences

Here are three suggestions for parent-teacher conferences.

Aspects to consider when choosing a preschool or child care facility

Consider both the environment and the people when you are choosing a preschool or child care facility for your child. 

CDA Classes About Parental Classroom Involvement

To strike the right balance of parental involvement, there are plenty of ways to earn your parents' respect. Learn these tactics and more in CDA classes.

Child Development Training for Parents

If your students' parents come to you for help regarding parenting techniques, consider these few suggestions from our child development training courses.

Choosing the right child care facility

Finding the right child care facility can be stressful, so here are a few suggestions to make the process easier for you.

Collaborate with parents on adjusting to routines

Here are strategies to help your students adjust to a classroom schedule before and after they arrive.

Dropping your child off at a child care provider

Here are some tips to ease the transition when dropping your child off at a child care provider. 

Forget the Hustle and Bustle- Focusing on family this holiday season

I hope that you will get to enjoy some much deserved time off over the holidays and I hope that you can spend that time enjoying your family! Research shows that families who spend time together are stronger. They communicate better, share a sense of belonging, and are just happier! Here are a few fun activities for you and your family this holiday season: Family game night - Try spending at least one night during the holidays with the TV off.

Get your children eating healthy

Here are a few suggestions on encouraging your children to eat healthy. 

Getting kindergartners and preschoolers ready this school year

Here are some tips about how to have a successful transition on your child's first day at preschool or kindergarten.

Helping your students with disabilities succeed

Here are a couple ways to be more inclusive and supportive of your students with disabilities. 

How to celebrate a child's birthday in your class

Here are some suggestions for birthday celebrations in the classroom. 

How to run your parent-teacher conferences like a rock star

Here are a couple ways you can rock your next parent-teacher conference.
Keeping kids safe this summer
Having fun in the summer is what children look forward to, but here are a few tips to keep them safe as well.
Online child care training for separation anxiety
Here are a few ways child care workers can help children deal with their separation anxiety. 
Online Childcare Training for Dealing with Disruptive Students
ProSolution Training courses for child care training meet requirements, offer affordable child care training online, and are available in Individual and Center-based Subscriptions or block hours.
Raising a child with ADHD
Here are suggestions to help you raise a child with ADHD.
Strategies to support students suffering from separation anxiety
To help your students adjust and relieve their separation anxiety, use these three strategies.
The benefits of building strong relationships with parents
Strong relationships with parents benefit children, parents and educators.