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A Message from Dr. Calvin Moore, CEO, The Council for Professional Recognition

Why Professional Development (PD) Specialists love ProSolutions Training's Gold Standard CDA Training Program

  • "This method of training allowed me to engage in the coursework. The instant answer learning applications provided positive responses in answering the questions, and a comprehensive understanding of the course materials" - S.B
  • "This training was very timely. It has given me the tools I needed to discuss the death of one of my staff members with the children she cared for, as well as prepare the other adults for the questions that will arise. Thank you." - N.N.
  • "This was great. While I knew a lot about the topic, I did learn many coping techniques which will be helpful in my job and to the children and their parents." - L.A.
  • "I really enjoyed this online training. I thought I knew about healthy eating and vitamins, etc, but this training helped me understand a lot more important information." - R.D.
  • "I believe that this training is helpful to me because I am currently dealing with problematic behavior and it has definitely given me some new ideas to try and work out a positive outcome rather than a negative one." - R.W.
  • "I wasn't expecting the person to even answer the phone call at ProSolutions Training, I thought that it was going to be a machine. She was awesome and quick to the phone. I love this training." - D.S.
  • "I felt like this course was a wonderful training tool. I learned a lot about the reality of abuse and how it is so often hidden and how important it is to become aware of the signs that could save a child's life." - G.E.
  • "I loved this course. I have a hard time planning developmentally appropriate Social Studies activities for my pre-k class. I am thrilled with the ideas and resources this course provided." - C.D.
  • "This training course was a real eye-opener. Although we incorporate these ideas into our everyday teaching as ECE professionals, it helped me to become more accountable/aware of how I can be more effective in offering more of the resources I am aware of within the community to our families." - K.C.
  • "I loved this course. It brought aspects of communication with others to light in regards to our non-verbal body language and understanding how our feelings may influence communication misunderstanding. Thank you for the great hands-on ideas for improving communication with parents and staff!" - M.T.
  • "On Friday night I took the Creating Healthy Life Styles: Balancing Children's Diets with Good Food Choices training online and was so pleased with the wealth of information that I learned. On Sunday I shopped for intensely-colored and nutrient-dense foods!" - B.D.
  • This was one of the best courses I've taken. It was very user-friendly, it was on point and informative. I would recommend this format to all educators. I learned many new things, it was fabulous! - N.G.