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Communications & Relationships

3 Tips for Working With Families from Our Online Training Courses

Trying to talk with someone who is frustrated can be challenging. Today we're sharing three tips for dealing with upset parents from our online teaching courses.

4 Tips From Our Early Childhood Education Online Courses To Help Build Trust With Foster Kids

If you're a professional who works with foster kids, use these four tips to help build trust in those relationships. 

Active listening: How teachers can approach communication with children

Active listening refers to being fully present and giving your complete attention to the speaker.

Addressing Biting Behavior in Early Childhood Education

To address biting in the classroom, start by understanding the intentions behind the behavior. 

Age-old advice for young leaders

If you're a young leader, check out this sage advice. 

CDA Classes About Parental Classroom Involvement

To strike the right balance of parental involvement, there are plenty of ways to earn your parents' respect. Learn these tactics and more in CDA classes.

Child Care Training Online: Helping Children Cope With Death

At ProSolutions Training you’ll find online child care training classes that meets professional development hours and requirements.

Child Development Training for Parents

If your students' parents come to you for help regarding parenting techniques, consider these few suggestions from our child development training courses.

Drawing the line between coaching and criticism

Learn to coach without the criticism.

Dropping your child off at a child care provider

Here are some tips to ease the transition when dropping your child off at a child care provider. 

Five ways to improve workplace happiness and satisfaction

To improve happiness and satisfaction at your workplace, follow these five tips. 

Focus on Family This Holiday Season

Learn new ideas for focusing on family time over the holidays!

Helping children cope with death

When children lose a loved one, it is important for them to feel comfortable sharing their feelings with trusted adults, including their parents and teachers.

How to communicate effectively with preschoolers

Understanding preschoolers' language abilities and tendencies allows you to communicate more effectively. 

How to discourage tantrums in toddlers

If you work with young children, you've probably also had to deal with one of the not-so-fun components of this profession: toddler tantrums. 

How to reinforce positive behavior in the preschool classroom

Positive reinforcement can help create a positive learning environment for your students.  
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Head Start
Keep away 'middle child syndrome'
Don't let your child develop the "middle child syndrome" by following these simple suggestions.
Make following the rules fun in your preschool classroom
To make following the rules fun in your classroom, consider these three tips!
Online Child Care Training Courses to Improve Communication
Communication is key, especially in fields like eary child care and education. It's important to be able to speak with parents and your coworkers in a clear, respectful way. Communication is critical for ensuring that a team works to the best of its ability, especially in the sometimes chaotic environment of early child care. Childcare training courses are helpful in teaching and reminding us of ways to improve and enhance communications.
Online Training for Early Childhood Educators to Help Families
To help you be an effective communicator, ProSolutions Training offers online training for early childhood educators on the topic of effective communication.
Preschool activities that require teamwork
As an early childhood educator, you can integrate classroom activities that focus on building teamwork skills. 
Strategies to focus and stop interruptions at work
Manage work interruptions with these tips. 
The benefits of building strong relationships with parents
Strong relationships with parents benefit children, parents and educators. 
The Five Things You Need To Achieve Well-Being Today
It's important to focus on well-being during times of stress. Online child care training courses can help you stay well.
Twins and the preschool classroom
The placement of twins in the same classroom is an ongoing conversation that is very much dependent on each unique scenario.