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Great leadership is all about team investment

Being an effective leader takes time and effort to not only be successful in your field, but to achieve the respect of your coworkers. Quality managers must know how to delegate, plan long-term goals and possess a talent for motivating employees. If you are looking to improve your leadership skills, here are two suggestions on how to invest in your team:

  • Make time: Though you are undoubtedly busy and have a lot on your plate, you must remember to take time from your day to invest in your team. Sit with your coworkers for a few minutes to see how they are progressing or listen to any concerns they may have. Even simply shooting them an encouraging email to let them know how well they did on a project can inspire your team, and your attention will not go unnoticed.
  • Be clear and consistent: While you may want to take a more hands-off approach to leadership, this does not mean you should ignore your employees. There is less room for error when employees know exactly what they must accomplish. Established expectations and the freedom to complete tasks without the threat of micro-managing is a delicate balance that, if executed correctly, will foster a happy workplace. 

Our course "Leading with Heart: How to Build Effective Teams" can give you more ideas on how to maintain a healthy and happy team. At ProSolutions Training, we offer a variety of early childhood education training courses online to help you achieve career success and become a true leader in your chosen field. Contact us today to learn more about our online child care courses or online CDA classes.