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Top traits of a high-quality leader

No matter what your career path, leadership skills can always benefit your long-term plans. Whether you already possess the qualities commonly found in top-notch managers or leaders, are looking to improve upon your existing skills, or are looking to hire an individual with leadership abilities, there are a few needed traits that every high-quality leader must have to properly succeed. Here are a few of those necessary qualities:

  • Decision-maker: In order to achieve successful leadership within a company or organization, you must be able to make difficult decisions with ease and poise. When it comes down to cuts that need to be made or new directions that must be taken, a quality leader is one who can make these tough calls after thoughtful deliberation.
  • Skilled communication: It is not important enough just to delegate tasks to others, but to be able to effectively communicate with everyone from the highest level manager to the entry-level employees. It is not good enough just to tell what needs to be done, but to ensure that everyone is on the same page and reaching toward a common goal. Keeping everyone in the loop and aware of vital business decisions is also important.
  • Ability to adapt: Leadership is not only about knowing what to do, but also about knowing when it is best to take better advice from others or change direction. If obstacles appear in true leader's path, he or she should be able to adapt to the situation easily and without causing too much of a stir. They also are willing to listen to those around them for suggestions if a project or idea is not working.

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