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Are your leadership methods too old school?

Have you been in a leadership position for years? Maybe decades? Chances are you haven't significantly adapted your leadership approach in a long time. Maybe you have slightly changed with the times, but are you still holding onto outdated leadership techniques? Here are three truths about leadership you need to know:

1. You're not always right
Leaders are not expected to always have the right answers or even an answer at all. Sometimes other members of your team might come up with better ideas than you. Collaborative working spaces and software tools have revised the notion that a boss always has to be right. Welcome this feeling and begin to let go of this outdated technique. 

2. Your employees want more than a paycheck
Though most employees wouldn't mind getting a raise, a large portion of American workers, particularly Millennials, desire more than their paycheck. They want in-office perks and flexible working schedules to achieve a better work-life balance. Be the leader who makes these changes happen for your employees in your workplace. Meanwhile, also consider this when you're hiring new workers or negotiating with existing employees. 

3. You don't leverage modern technology
Now is the time to embrace modern technology and all the good it can bring your company. With an endless number of apps, software and other high-quality solutions at your fingertips, you should use this technology right away. Whether you boost your office's productivity levels or update your online presence, try to remember that it can support your leadership style, not detract from it. For example, you could introduce a collaborative platform like Slack to improve your office's internal communications. 

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