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Looking and acting like a leader

A good leader is positive, communicative, thoughtful, and trusting. However, all of these good qualities may not effectively translate if your body language is not reflecting confidence or kindness.  Too many times, communication is lost in wrongly perceived body language, which can lead to an unhappy work environment.

For example, if you are a shy leader, some of your staff could misconstrue this as standoffishness. Or, if you fail to make eye contact or stand confidently, your employees may think you have something to hide. To ensure that you showcase your leadership confidence inside and out, here are a couple of helpful tips:

  • Right balance of eye contact: While too little eye contact can show weakness, too much eye contact can seem intimidating. Carol Kinsey Goman at Forbes wrote that maintaining eye contact around 60 percent during a conversation should strike this perfect balance.
  • Enter a room with confidence: When you walk in a room as a leader, you instantly set the tone for the office. If you are unknowingly exuding hostile vibes or acting uninterested, this can rub off negatively on your staff. Make sure to take a few seconds to "warm up" before entering an important meeting so that you will show to others what a thoughtful and strong leader you are.

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