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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I register?
What does it cost?
How do I pay?
Will I earn CEUs?
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How much time does it take to complete courses?
How do I complete a course?
What if I don't pass the course test?
What equipment do I need? Must I have Internet access?
Are these courses approved to meet training requirements for my professional development?
Do you keep an online record of my courses?
I want to start on my CDA--what should I do first?
How do I view the course materials?
How do I navigate the course?
What are learning applications?
How do I access course resource materials?
When I try to order a new course, or I try to click through an existing course, I get kicked out and have to log in again!
What if I need help with the site or a course?
Why choose ProSolutions Training?
How many courses can I complete in a single day?