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What Are The Benefits Of Earning Your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™?
  • Become more knowledgeable about early care and education
  • Gain confidence in your career
  • Grow personally and professionally with new skills
  • Earn more recognition from others in the industry
  • Build trust with parents and families
  • Advance your career with increased qualifications
Rasmussen UniversityNow, ProSolutions Training offers even more reasons to start your 120-hour CDA Training. Our partnership with Rasmussen University allows full-time, qualified students to earn their ECE Associate’s degree for as low as $8,000! With the CDA credential course waiver, you can earn this degree in as few as 15 months. Rasmussen University is also offering a 35% grant on the ECE Bachelor’s degree and up to a 20% grant for other programs.

Learn more about eligibility and requirements here.

Also, even if you don’t plan to complete the CDA credentialing process, the 120 hours of CDA Training will help you grow as an educator and a professional.
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ProSolutions Training has helped more than 10,000 educators advance their careers with online CDA Training. Our Gold Standard Online CDA Training has everything you need to meet the formal early childhood education training requirements.

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Online CDA Training for Every Pathway
This 120-hour package of online training meets the formal early childhood education requirements, covering the growth and development of children, with 10+ training hours in each of the eight CDA subject areas.

butterflyWhat Our Customers Are Saying...
“The courses were very informative, clear and easy to understand. I especially enjoyed the resource information that can be used in my daily lesson planning and classroom. I would recommend ProSolutions Training to anyone needing their CDA certification.” - Anna W.

“I loved this CDA Training program. The information given will greatly help me in my classroom. I was hesitant in signing up for this course due to my age, 74, but it was so easy to follow. Thank you.” - Val T.

“I am grateful for ProSolutions Training offering the opportunity to gain the training for the CDA credential online. I am a single mother and this accommodation made it possible for me to progress to the next stage of my professional development. This helped not only my children I teach every day in the classroom, but also for myself and for my daughter. Thank you.” - Shanyse F.

This training is really helpful for anyone interested in becoming a caregiver. The courses will guide you through the entire CDA process, and you will be able to learn and understand easily from the beginning to the end. The best experience I ever had.” - Yerki Ramos F.

A Message from Dr. Calvin Moore, Jr.
CEO, The Council for Professional Recognition
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - CDA Training

Q: Is your training online?
A: Yes, our training modules are completely online and self-paced.

Q: How much is the training?
A: Our CDA Training package is $399. Bulk (3 or more) $299 each. Subscription CDA Training Feature $249 each.

Q: Where can I order the Competency Standards book?
A: The Competency Standards book can be purchased from The Council for Professional Recognitions online Bookstore at this link: Self Serve Portal (

Q: Do I need to start working on my Portfolio before or after I complete the training?
A: You can work on your portfolio at any time before you apply. We recommend working on your portfolio while you are completing the coursework so it is fresh in your mind.

Q: What is The Council for Professional Recognition’s contact information?
A: The Council’s website is and their phone number is 1-800-424-4310

Q: Is there a time limit on applying for the CDA once the 120 hours are complete?
A: You can complete the training any time before you apply.

Q: Does ProSolutions Training offer a payment plan for the 120 hours of Training?
A: We offer a payment plan that breaks the payment up into 4 separate payments. The first three payments are $100 and the final payment is $99. It is up to the user to make all payments and complete the coursework within the year.

Q: Do you offer extensions for the CDA Training?
A: We offer a one-time, paid 6-month extension for CDA classes online. $25 fee for each subject area not complete, and a one-time $25 admin fee.

Q: If I get my CDA in one state and move will my CDA still be valid?
A: The CDA is a nationally recognized credential that is accepted in all states

Q: What is the total cost to earn the CDA Credential?
A: The total cost is $849. This includes CDA Training for $399, the competency standards book for $25, and the application & assessment fee of $425.

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