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Classroom Management & Positive Guidance

5 signs of bullying behavior in the ECE classroom

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. 

5 supportive strategies for children's mental health

What is children’s mental health and more specifically what is the significance between a child’s mental health and their development? These are questions you may be asked as a child care professional. You may feel uncomfortable not knowing the specific answers or strategies to support children and families in need of guidance and/or support. The truth is, often when looking at ways to assist children with health and wellness, physical health is typically the primary focus.

5 ways to celebrate fall in the ECE classroom

To have fun with fall in your own classroom, try out some of these five activities with your kids. 

Addressing Biting Behavior in Early Childhood Education

To address biting in the classroom, start by understanding the intentions behind the behavior. 

Be proactive during flu season

Here are proactive methods to take to keep your classroom healthy during the coming flu season. 

Building up young children's self-esteem

What is self-esteem, why is it important, and how can you encourage it in your students?

CDA Renewal Course for Difficult Behavior

ProSolutions Training offers many CDA renewal courses. One of the courses available is our Creating Positive Outcomes from Problematic Behaviors course.

Characteristics of a successful preschool classroom

While you have likely already spent a lot of time making the most of the workspace, there are always ways to improve your classroom to create a safer and more successful space for your students.   

Child Care Training Teaches the Importance of Giving Toddlers Encouragement

Here are three strategies for offering toddlers constructive praise. 

Collaborate with parents on adjusting to routines

Here are strategies to help your students adjust to a classroom schedule before and after they arrive.

Courses to Help You Create an Inspiring Learning Environment

As a teacher, you want to inspire your students with a creative learning environment. ProSolutions Training offers CDA courses to help you create that space.

Creating classroom expectations for preschoolers

Setting classroom expectations, such as encouraging your students to mind their hands and words, is effective for excitable preschoolers.

Does your classroom have smooth transition times?

Here are a few important questions to ask yourself about the transitions in your classroom.

Early Childhood Training to Manage Classroom Bullying

As an early child care professional completing your early childhood training, you need to understand bullying and how to address it in your classroom.

Establishing a schedule is key for pre-K and kindergarten students

Establishing a classroom schedule can be beneficial for both the student and the teacher.

Facing the most common problems within preschool classrooms

Behavioral problems are common among preschoolers.

Five strategies for reducing challenging behavior

Here are five strategies for making your classroom a calmer place.

Fostering a harmonious classroom environment

Here are some considerations to keep in mind to create a harmonious classroom for your students.

Getting kindergartners and preschoolers ready this school year

Here are some tips about how to have a successful transition on your child's first day at preschool or kindergarten.

Getting over those first-day jitters

Don't let the first-day jitters get you down and follow this advice to be the best preschool teacher you can be!

Here are two ways to bolster young students' self-esteem Part. 1

Here are two ways to bolster young students' self-esteem.

How can you regain control of your email inbox?

Follow these few tips to become more organized!

How Child Care Training Fits Into the Classroom

If you need to earn or renew your CDA credential, you may want to take some classes that overlap with childcare training. Read about some of our courses.

How educators can manage change in their institutions

Change is inevitable in education and leadership should know the best way to implement these new procedures.

How to celebrate a child's birthday in your class

Here are some suggestions for birthday celebrations in the classroom. 

How to deal with challenging behaviors

Challenging behaviors are common among young children, but you can encourage conflict resolution skills among students so they learn how to resolve problems on their own. 

How to discourage tantrums in toddlers

If you work with young children, you've probably also had to deal with one of the not-so-fun components of this profession: toddler tantrums. 

How to recognize bullying among young children

If you work as a child care provider, here are some tips for recognizing bulling among your young students. 

How to reinforce positive behavior in the preschool classroom

Positive reinforcement can help create a positive learning environment for your students.  

How to respond to toddler tantrums

If you work in child care with younger children, learning to work through tantrums will make your classroom a more peaceful setting for both you and your students.  

Summer Safety Essentials for Child Care

As a child care provider, it's important to know center-specific health and safety policies and procedures. Child care safety basics are also essential to bring awareness of health and safety. This assists in minimizing potential health risks and or injuries. For best practice, consider completing health and safety training for child care providers every year. It's good to review policies and procedures and be aware of updates. Or with possible changes to program/age-specific rules and requireme

Why You Should Take an Early Childhood Education Online Course for Special Needs

An early childhood education online course is a great way to ensure your classroom works with children of all different abilities and learning styles.
How to Stop Bullying: Training for Child Care Professionals
Here are two methods for making your classroom bully-free.
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Training Trends in Early Care and Education
In The Wings - Issue 2
The Future of the CDA
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Head Start
Integrating playful learning into the preschool classroom
Playful learning encourages children to interact with their peers and think critically.
International Peace Day Sept 21
The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace. The theme of this year's day is "Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All" which highlights the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace. So I was thinking about ALL SEGMENTS OF SOCIETY and the role early care and education professionals can play in educating children about peace.
Keep your kids germ-free this school year
To keep your children healthy this school year, follow these suggestions.
Make following the rules fun in your preschool classroom
To make following the rules fun in your classroom, consider these three tips!
Online Child Care Training Can Improve Professional Development Plan
ProSolutions Training offers online child care training classes that meets professional development hours requirements.
Online Childcare Training for Dealing with Disruptive Students
ProSolution Training courses for child care training meet requirements, offer affordable child care training online, and are available in Individual and Center-based Subscriptions or block hours.
Online Training for Early Childhood Educators to Help Families
To help you be an effective communicator, ProSolutions Training offers online training for early childhood educators on the topic of effective communication.
Preschool activities that require teamwork
As an early childhood educator, you can integrate classroom activities that focus on building teamwork skills. 
Questions to ask yourself about your preschool classroom environment
Here are three questions to ask about the quality of your preschool classroom. 
Searching for the reason behind bullying
To turn your students away from bullying, you have to understand the reasons behind why they bully.
Strategies for positive classroom behavior
If you want your students to have positive classroom behavior, follow these three tips.
Strategies to help children clean up toys
Fostering organizational and responsibility skills among children is critical to teaching them clean up habits.
Tantrum control for the terrible twos
Here are a few tips to help you better handle when one of your children throws a tantrum. 
Teaching friendship to preschoolers
Here are ideas for teaching preschoolers about friendship. 
Teaching toddlers emotional coping skills to prevent biting
Emotional coping skills, including vocabulary to express frustration, offers one solution that can help prevent toddlers from biting. 
Tips for making responsibilities a part of your classroom routine
When they enter the toddler years, many children are able to help out with simple tasks.
Twins and the preschool classroom
The placement of twins in the same classroom is an ongoing conversation that is very much dependent on each unique scenario.