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Love your job so your employees can love theirs

In leadership roles, employee job satisfaction is a key factor to watch. However, keeping your subordinates happy isn't easy if you're not engaged with your position at the helm.

Did you know Gallup found only 33 percent of U.S. employees said their jobs engaged them in 2017? Even more telling, only 15 percent of surveyed workers felt like their leaders gave them the boost they needed to have an enthusiastic outlook on the future. As the data implies, your sentiment about your role constitutes more than a personal problem.

To begin your part in reversing this trend, let's help you build your own job engagement with these tips:

Consider your role in the bigger picture
What does your position mean to you in the context of the business? How about in the way your role affects your team? How does your job function for the world?

These types of questions can give you a sense of purpose beyond the bullet points in your job specifications. Think about ways you can relate any larger meaning to causes close to your heart. For instance, if you care about sustainability, how do your responsibilities aid in your company's clean Earth initiatives?

Don't sell yourself short, either. No matter how minute the task, it can have a big impact.

Find a way to grow
Don't let boredom overcome you. Keep yourself busy by focusing on development.

When was the last time you kept up with the latest happenings in your industry? Find trade publications, conferences, and networking events that align with your role and company. Not only can you put yourself on the leading edge to bring new expertise to your team, but you can also expand your professional network.

Also, look in-house for learning opportunities. Reach out to other department heads with relatable skills so you can learn what they do and how they do it.

Even consider volunteering for duties outside of your wheelhouse to gain new skills. The key is to push into initiatives. You can't wait around until someone wants to hand you a new opportunity. If you don't show conviction behind your ideas, no one will.

Try telecommuting
One fast track to boredom is too much structure in your day, and you can break up the monotony by telecommuting when you can. If your role allows for this flexibility, pick a day or two each week to make home your office. For an extra boost of energy, consider using your breaks for walks or other exercise to get up and move around.

Give these tips a try. You could even pass them along to your team.