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Can you become an adaptable leader?

Even the best laid plans sometimes succumb to turmoil or face challenges along the way to success. What differentiates a leader from the rest of the team is how that leader reacts to change. Instead of giving up at the first sign of trouble, adaptable leaders forge ahead, following through on their word, even if the path is more strenuous than expected.

Leaders who prove themselves to be collected and adaptable in difficult situations gain the respect of their employees and coworkers. To earn your workers' respect, here are two ways to become an adaptable leader today:

Embrace the unknown
While possessing an ability to plan thoroughly is an essential trait of a quality leader, so is embracing the unknown. Accounting for potential shortcomings or road blocks will keep a plan or project on track, ensuring that should problems arise, they will be dealt with swiftly. Welcoming ideas and help from your staff is also an important element to embracing ambiguity. A team that works well together, stays together, after all. 

Embrace priorities
Being adaptable is all about knowing what to change and what to leave alone. Evaluating the impact certain decisions will have on both the team and individual employees will show your staff that you are taking the situation seriously and are weighing all options. Choosing the path that is best for the team as a whole will usually offer greater benefits in the long-run, though the outcome does depend on the problem at hand.

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