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Nutrition & Food Service

2 easy, healthy breakfast recipes
Use these two recipes to create delicious, healthy breakfast items.
5 ways to help children make healthy food choices
If you work with children who would rather eat cookies than carrots, consider the following five strategies to encourage the kids you teach to eat healthy foods. 
Four Online Child Care Training Courses to Improve Children's Nutrition
These online child care training courses help you understand what optimal nutrition is for children and how to teach them about healthy eating choices.
Get your children eating healthy
Here are a few suggestions on encouraging your children to eat healthy. 
How to Celebrate the Holidays When There Are Food Allergies
If your school has holiday celebrations that include food, create a program to deal with possible food allergies.
Introducing veggies into your classroom snacks
To introduce vegetables to your students' diets, use these two delicious recipes.
March is National Nutrition Month
March marks National Nutrition Month, a reminder of the importance of serving children healthy foods. 
More than half of children and teens are not adequately hydrated
New study shows more than half of children and teens are not getting properly hydrated. Here are a few suggestions on how to avoid dehydration. 
New study about correlations between childhood picky eating and adult depression
A new study shows how some children who are severely picky eaters are twice as likely to develop depression or social anxiety later in life 
Planning healthy meals for children
What children eat is important to both their physical and mental development.
Preventing food-borne illnesses in child care settings
In child care, it's important to take precautionary steps to avoid the risk of food-borne illness and protect the health of your students.    
Simple Snack Ideas for Child Care
Keeping some simple snacks on hand is a great way to stay prepared. Here are some ideas for simple toddler snacks. What are your favorite snack ideas?
Social Emotional Development Activities for Toddlers With Water Table
Water tables can help promote social and emotional activities for toddlers in the classroom setting. ProSolutions Training offers unique training activities for those pursuing their CDA.
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