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Learning Environments

2 strategies for inspiring creativity during art class

There are tried and true strategies for organizing artistic activities that keep kids engaged and provide tangible benefits.

2023 Book Club for Children

Follow along each month with incredible books that teach important lessons to kids!

2023 Book Club for Directors

Follow along each month with incredible books on hot topics in our industry!

2023 Book Club for Teachers

Follow along each month with incredible books on hot topics in our industry!

4 Ways to Celebrate Diversity During the Holidays

What's the secret? How is it possible to include every culture and tradition? Keep reading to find out.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Toddlers

Outdoor play for toddlers is good for their development in numerous ways. As a child care provider, outdoor play can offer 5 key benefits to your students.

5 Proven Ways to Create a Successful Family Child Care Program

So you’ve decided to start a family child care business. Running this kind of program comes with many benefits and responsibilities. You can provide care in a comfortable home environment, have many resources available, and reap financial benefits. However, it takes thoughtful preparation to ensure you can fulfill all of the regulations and guidelines that come along with it. Family child care is an extension of learning for all children enrolled, and it is vital to their development to ensure y

5 ways to celebrate fall in the ECE classroom

To have fun with fall in your own classroom, try out some of these five activities with your kids. 

8 ideas for incorporating STEM learning in the preschool classroom

If you want to incorporate STEM learning into the curriculum in your preschool classroom, consider trying the following eight ideas.

Aspects to consider when choosing a preschool or child care facility

Consider both the environment and the people when you are choosing a preschool or child care facility for your child. 

Characteristics of a successful preschool classroom

While you have likely already spent a lot of time making the most of the workspace, there are always ways to improve your classroom to create a safer and more successful space for your students.   

Childhood Development Training for Infants

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Get the courses you need to advance with Prosolution’s Training child development training.

Courses to Help You Create an Inspiring Learning Environment

As a teacher, you want to inspire your students with a creative learning environment. ProSolutions Training offers CDA courses to help you create that space.

Creating an outdoor classroom

Learning does not only take place inside, so many early childhood education centers set up outdoor classrooms.

Creating classroom expectations for preschoolers

Setting classroom expectations, such as encouraging your students to mind their hands and words, is effective for excitable preschoolers.

Cut out the noise to support healthy toddler vocabulary development

A new study shows that toddlers have difficulty learning new vocabulary when they are consistently exposed to significant background noise.

Designing a preschool classroom space that promotes learning

When designing your classroom space, designate different areas for different uses to create an environment where it is easy to focus. 

Establishing a schedule is key for pre-K and kindergarten students

Establishing a classroom schedule can be beneficial for both the student and the teacher.

Exploring math with preschoolers

One of the best ways of introducing mathematical concepts to preschoolers is integrating them into children's daily activities and interests.

Five strategies for reducing challenging behavior

Here are five strategies for making your classroom a calmer place.

Fostering a harmonious classroom environment

Here are some considerations to keep in mind to create a harmonious classroom for your students.

Fun outdoor science activities for young children

Use these outdoor activity ideas to get your students excited about science.

Fun Summer Activity Ideas for Young Children

Don't let your student waste away in front of a screen all summer. Use one of these strategies to get them moving and having fun!

Helping your students with disabilities succeed

Here are a couple ways to be more inclusive and supportive of your students with disabilities. 

How does classroom environment impact student learning?

Your classroom environment may adversely impact how your students learn.

How music helps build mathematical understanding

Music is another method through which children can engage in mathematical thinking.

How to Celebrate the Holidays When There Are Food Allergies

If your school has holiday celebrations that include food, create a program to deal with possible food allergies.

How to ensure your preschool classroom is safe

A critical responsibility of early childhood teachers is ensuring a safe environment for the children in their care.

How to grow better readers

Literacy is still a major issue in the United States. Today, more than 30 percent of fourth graders do not read at grade level, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Summer Safety Essentials for Child Care

As a child care provider, it's important to know center-specific health and safety policies and procedures. Child care safety basics are also essential to bring awareness of health and safety. This assists in minimizing potential health risks and or injuries. For best practice, consider completing health and safety training for child care providers every year. It's good to review policies and procedures and be aware of updates. Or with possible changes to program/age-specific rules and requireme
How to Teach About Science and Reading
Just as it's important to teach preschoolers basic reading, writing and math skills, early childhood educators should also focus on science.
Keep your kids germ-free this school year
To keep your children healthy this school year, follow these suggestions.
Learning to support your students with ADD/ADHD
Here are a few suggestions to help support your students with ADHD.
Modernizing block play in your classroom
Before you break out the blocks, look over these methods for modernizing block play.
Online Child Care Training Can Improve Professional Development Plan
ProSolutions Training offers online child care training classes that meets professional development hours requirements.
Online Childcare Training for Dealing with Disruptive Students
ProSolution Training courses for child care training meet requirements, offer affordable child care training online, and are available in Individual and Center-based Subscriptions or block hours.
Promote STEM fun with these engaging fall activities
If you are looking for ways to include STEM activities into your lessons, here are a couple fall-related experiments your students will love!
Questions to ask yourself about your preschool classroom environment
Here are three questions to ask about the quality of your preschool classroom. 
Raising a child with ADHD
Here are suggestions to help you raise a child with ADHD.
Strategies for positive classroom behavior
If you want your students to have positive classroom behavior, follow these three tips.
Summer Safety: Avoid these 4 outdoor child care risks
When playing with your students outdoors this summer, watch out for insects, traffic, the sun, and water to keep them safe!
Teaching preschoolers the seasons and weather
Now that we've passed into a new season and fall is underway in most areas of the country, early childhood educators have a great opportunity to teach preschoolers about the seasons and different kinds of weather.
Teaching your students to be inclusive in the classroom
Here are suggestions for making your classroom more inclusive.
The basics of indoor classroom safety
Safety checklists and communication are two easy ways to keep your children safe.
The benefits of music in the classroom
If you work in early childhood education, there are a number of benefits that music can offer the students in your classroom. 
Top 3 reasons why STEM education is important for preschoolers
Many professionals argue that the earlier children can be introduced to STEM concepts, the more successful they will be in the subjects.
Using technology to support young students
Technology can be beneficial for your young students. Here are two ways you can leverage it to support your young students.
What is Purposeful Play?
Purposeful Play is a broad term for making playtime more effective for children. If you organize the right types of play, you can help a child develop. This play can range from physical activities to mental activities. Either way, the important thing is you make sure the activities have a purpose.