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3 signs that you are leadership material

You might not lead a team, but are you leadership material? Leaders are both born and made, but this doesn't mean there aren't telltale signs and qualities that indicate certain people have what it takes to be a leader over others. If you want to rise through the ranks at your company, here are three signs that you may have what it takes to be a successful leader:

1. You're responsible
There are days when it might be easy to roll into work a little late because you're exhausted, or slack off on your latest project because your boss is out of town. But should you? Not if you want to be a leader someday. One of the signs you are a leadership is that exude responsibility, even when no one is watching. 

2. You're emotionally intelligent 
Emotional intelligence is a crucial element in being a successful leader. If people do not feel that you genuinely care about them or that they cannot even approach you about certain issues, you may need to work on your emotional intelligence. 

3. You think strategically 
One of the main differences between leaders and followers is that leaders are strategic about their next steps. Followers are content to simply do the job in front of them. In contrast, those who exude true leadership material are thinking about their next 10 steps.

Our course "Leadership: Recognizing the Leader in You" can give you some more insight on how you show leadership potential.