Our Services

The Basics

ProSolutions Training offers more than 100 individual online courses, multi-course packages, and certificates in early care and education and human services subject areas. Most courses are available in Spanish.
  • Affordable one-hour courses help meet specific training needs; packages and annual subscription packages for groups and individuals are cost-effective options to meet broader training goals.
  • With ProSolutions Training, each person creates an individual training account and password, whether enrolling as part of a group or as an individual.
  • Students take courses and print certificates at their own pace; the system maintains course records so that a transcript is available at any time.
  • Available state approvals are shown on the website, and approval codes are printed on certificates, as appropriate.
  • ProSolutions Training has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). ProSolutions Training awards IACET CEUs to students at no additional cost.

Content is Key

ProSolutions Training offers a rich curriculum, with course content developed based on current research and the firm's 27 years of experience in early care and education and human services.
  • Curriculum development is directed by dedicated in-house professional staff with advanced degrees, who ask "What can this course do to help professionals build knowledge and solve problems?"
  • Course content is sourced from and vetted by subject matter experts.
  • Each course includes specific teaching techniques directly related to the course topic and focused on transfer of learning.
  • The resources section of each course includes downloadable materials - from helpful book lists to pertinent web links - for deeper insights and more information about the subject.
  • There is a consistency of message and language across all ProSolutions Training courses. Courses are continually reviewed for best practices and updates.

User-Friendly Details

ProSolutions Training is a company developed out of a long tradition of excellent customer service, and that company culture guides all decisions that affect the student.
  • Course flow is conversational, with interactive learning applications that allow students to check their learning during the course, much as a student would answer clarifying questions in class and receive feedback for correct/incorrect answers from a teacher.
  • Using adult learning principles, courses are designed to provide learning that students can apply to everyday situations. Scenarios are straightforward and applicable to the "real world."
  • The resources section is accessible from every screen in the course.
  • A pre-test helps set up the course and serves as a guide for pertinent topic areas; a post-test automatically scores student responses. 
  • Most importantly, there is a friendly voice on the other end of a phone line who will answer students' questions about their accounts, course progress and other technical assistance issues.
  • English and Spanish customer service representatives are available during weekday business hours by phone and email.

My ProSolutions Training Account

Students set up and manage their own training accounts. Professional development certificates are available to print upon successful course completion.
  • Course records are maintained and available by secure log-in if a transcript is needed.
  • IACET CEUs are provided at no additional cost by ProSolutions Training, which has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).
  • State-by-state course approval information is available on the website, and, if applicable, state course credit is provided on the professional development certificate.
  • Coursework and certificates are available 24/7.

Partnerships Add Value

By joining with national organizations, state agencies and early care and education centers, ProSolutions Training continually seeks to add value to its offerings for students and associations.