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Cognitive Development

4 benefits of nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes offer many benefits, including furthering children's development of language skills. 

8 ideas for incorporating STEM learning in the preschool classroom

If you want to incorporate STEM learning into the curriculum in your preschool classroom, consider trying the following eight ideas.

AAP has changed its guidelines regarding screen-time for young children

The American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) recently issued new guidelines for screen-time for young children.

Childhood Development Training for Infants

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Get the courses you need to advance with Prosolution’s Training child development training.

Fostering toddler learning and development

Children have an innate desire to explore and learn, but this needs to be encouraged by adults.

Great ways to play with your baby

Here are some great ways to play with your baby. 

Helping infants develop language skills

Though the infants you care for may not be talking yet, it's important to be intentional about helping them to gain the skills they will eventually need for verbal communication. 

How do young children acquire language?

Language is not innate, but the ability to learn language is, which is why there are numerous methods teachers can implement in their classroom to help their students learn their first language. 

How does classroom environment impact student learning?

Your classroom environment may adversely impact how your students learn.

How Online Child Care Training Can Help Increase Autism Awareness

Here is a quick overview of some important pieces of information and helpful online child care training course ideas about autism spectrum disorder.

How to discourage tantrums in toddlers

If you work with young children, you've probably also had to deal with one of the not-so-fun components of this profession: toddler tantrums. 

How to grow better readers

Literacy is still a major issue in the United States. Today, more than 30 percent of fourth graders do not read at grade level, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics.
Learn How to Promote Social and Emotional Development in Infants through Online Child Care Provider Training
If you want to work with infants, online child care provider training can help you get the knowledge and credentials you need. Check out the courses at ProSolutions Training.
Myths or fact? Baby brain development
Here are three myths of baby brain development.
New study confirms the cognitive value of early childhood education
A new study highlights the significance of high-quality early childhood education on cognitive success.
New study reveals 2-year-olds with better vocabularies are more prepared for kindergarten
A new study reveals that 2-year-olds with larger vocabularies are more prepared for kindergarten both socially and academically.
Playtime to promote healthy brain development
Here are some helpful suggestions on how to boost your baby's brain development through meaningful playtime. 
Preschool activities using pumpkin seeds
With the passage of Halloween, you may be wondering what to do with your classroom's leftover pumpkins.
Preschool: A time when children develop skills for the future
Preschool is the time when children are learning the "pre-skills," which lay a foundation for their future success in reading, writing, math and science.
Promote Cognitive Development and Earn Your CDA Certificate Online
Earning your CDA certificate online includes courses ranging from cognitive and physical development to professionalism in the early childhood field.
Promoting development for 5-year-olds
You can promote cognitive, social and physical development in your 5-year-old with these suggestions.
Strategies for building children's vocabulary
We discuss effective strategies for building children's vocabulary and literacy skills. 
Study shows greenery boosts cognitive development in children
Study shows correlation between exposure to greenery and boosted mental development in schoolchildren.
Study shows REM sleep for young children promotes memory retention
A recently published study shows that REM sleep for young children promotes memory retention in the developing brain. 
Study: Reading to young children helps spur brain development, reading skills
A new study draws a direct link from reading to children to an increase in their brain development activity and later adoption of reading skills.
Thanksgiving Math Skills Activities
With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we wanted to compile holiday-related activities that also offer the chance for children to build their skills in other areas, including math.
The benefits of music for children
Not only can activities involving music and movement be enjoyable, they are also beneficial to children's development.
The significant benefits of Pre-K education
We discuss some of the specific areas in which pre-K education can have a significant impact.
Timeline for toddlers' development
It's important for early childhood educators to be aware of major milestones, and track these accomplishments. 
Top 3 reasons why STEM education is important for preschoolers
Many professionals argue that the earlier children can be introduced to STEM concepts, the more successful they will be in the subjects.
Walk the number line: Exercises that teach preschoolers math and counting skills
A number line activity is a great way for preschoolers to practice their counting and math abilities, while also gaining familiarity with recognizing difficult numbers.
What you should and shouldn't do when reading aloud in your classroom
Here are a few suggestions for what to do and what not to do when reading aloud in your classroom.