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Major indications you need to change your leadership style

From older generation leaders to newcomers in their field, there is always mounting pressure for leaders to continue to inspire their employees and succeed. Many leaders struggle to find the balance between making their staff happy and getting them to perform quality work. Some take a more authoritarian approach, which can be effective for select industries. Others, meanwhile, prefer a hands-on, encouraging approach.

Despite many leaders' best efforts, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few major indications that you may want to change or evaluate your current leadership style:

Have you become complacent?
This is most commonly found in leaders who have been working at their job or in the industry for several years. While you may have started off being passionate about your field, the routine may have zapped some of that initial enthusiasm. Instead of remaining stuck in your laissez-faire approach, revolutionize your workplace through implementing engaging, new procedures and activities.

Are you wasting your employees' time?
Do you hold long meetings that could have been summarized in an email, or hold three-minute conversations that turn into hour-long discussions? While this may be commonplace in certain industries, it can be a main source of time-waste for your employees. Your staff will thank you for becoming more precise and valuing their time.

Do certain problems frequently resurface?
If employees continue to come to you with misgivings and those problems are repeatedly not addressed, this is a serious issue. Either you are not attempting to fix the issue firmly enough or are failing to deal with it at all. Your employees will thank you for being proactive about handling their concerns.

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