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How can you be a more humble leader?

What makes a good leader? A 2014 Catalyst report revealed leadership behaviors from six different countries to determine what leaders can do to make their employees feel more included at work. First on the list was empowerment, where leaders create projects to support the development and success of their workers. Next on the list was humility. This included admitting mistakes, learning from criticism, and acknowledging and actively seeking out contributions from others.

According to the research, humility is one of the most impactful indicators of altruistic leadership. Altruistic leadership centers around guiding employees to become the best version of their professional selves. To become a more humble leader at your organization, follow these two tips:

1. Be self-aware
Self-awareness is an essential factor in humble leadership. Leaders who possess this trait know when they have made a mistake and are not afraid to admit it. They don't let their pride impede their desires to keep their organizations running smoothly and successfully. Leaders who truly embody humility understand their own weaknesses, but don't let them keep them from improving professionally. They also lean into their strengths to benefit everyone around them.

2. Balance humility and confidence
Being a humble leader does not mean you can't be confident in your abilities. After all, if you lack confidence, you won't inspire your employees to work harder and reach their own professional goals. Seek out the perfect balance between being proud of your achievements and humble enough not to gloat or demean those around you. 

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