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Leading a fast-growing company

Successful startups are known for experiencing significant growth in short amounts of time. But with the rise of online platforms and social media, now nearly any company could see a major rise in orders or clients due to a well-placed advertisement or viral sensation. If you lead an organization undergoing rapid growth, consider these two tips to stay on track for success: 

Think and dream big
Don't let the fear of failing or of making the wrong choices derail your company's upward trajectory. Fast Company reported that when Bigcommerce, an e-commerce software provider with 200 employees, realized that it was thinking too small so its CEO changed focus quickly and began thinking bigger. Like this company, if you are experiencing significant growth, now is the time to think and dream of the impossible. Set big, lofty goals and strive your hardest toward them. Even if you don't fulfill them entirely, you'll still grow by challenging your old way of thinking and learning from the process. 

Learn to be flexible
When you work at a fast-growing company, you must try to be flexible. At any moment, you could have a large influx of clients or hear from potential investors who want to make your growth permanent. You might need to hire new employees quickly to keep up with the work or get a larger workspace to handle all your product orders. Whatever is the case, learn to be flexible in order to stay calm and focused. 

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