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Assessing weaknesses in your leadership style

Being a great leader is not all about taking advantage of your strengths. It is also about working on improving your weaknesses. Maybe you are an excellent communicator when it comes to encouragement or getting to know your staff, yet you lack the follow through when it comes to communicating deadlines or checking in on ongoing projects. Perhaps you excel at critical thinking and problem solving, yet overlook the small details.

Whatever the case, there are always ways bosses can improve their leadership style to ensure the cohesiveness of their team. Here are a few helpful ways to assess any weaknesses you may have and how to address them:

  • Research typical leadership problems in your field: Depending on your job, others in your field may be experiencing the same problems. Read online articles on the subject and contact fellow professionals to identify any key areas to work on.
  • Poll your coworkers: Schedule times each month to have short one-on-one meetings with your staff. Praise their strengths, inform them of their weaknesses, and offer suggestions on how they can improve. Through creating a workplace that encourages honesty, your staff will feel comfortable providing you feedback on what you can work on and what practices you should continue.
  • Be critical: It is equally important to look introspectively about your own shortcomings. Make a list of your skills and weaknesses, addressing each point with a solution to make yourself better. 

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