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CDA Training to be a Professional Leader in the Classroom

Professionalism is defined as possessing an undeniable sense of integrity and responsibility while performing a job. Though this term may seem important only for business executives or salespeople, professionalism is a goal everyone can apply to their career. In early childhood education, there are multiple areas in which educators can hone their professional skills. CDA training can help prepare you to internalize and uphold the values of being a professional in the classroom. When you bring professionalism into your early childhood career, you show your fellow teachers and parents you are stakeholder who can handle challenges both in and out of the classroom. Here are just a couple of these focus areas:

  • Curriculum and Learning Goals: Teachers are charged with providing their students with a high-quality education through the meaningful activities, lessons, homework and experiences that make up a great curriculum. Educators who exude professionalism are careful to plan their curriculum in a way that both supports and challenges their students. They will also work with the children throughout the year to ensure that they succeed.
  • Interactions with Families and Coworkers: Parent-teacher interactions are an excellent way to showcase a teacher's professionalism. These times should be constructive for both the families and the students. Friendliness and approachability are two key characteristics that can make parents feel comfortable sending their children to learn in that teacher's classroom. Professional interactions with coworkers are also helpful for career development, as this is an excellent time for educators to learn from each other and hone their crafts.
  • Interactions With Students: When it comes to interacting with students, teachers must understand there is a fine line between being a caring adult and being a friend. Professional teachers do not let their desire to be liked by students get in the way of enforcing classroom and school rules. They do not show favoritism or discriminate against students. Dedicated teachers believe all students have the ability to learn and succeed. Lesson plans and materials are thoughtfully selected to help make that happen.

Ongoing Professional Training: Teachers committed to professionalism participate regularly in training to stay abreast of advances in technology and emerging trends in education. They seek information on best practices and teaching strategies for all types of learners. In order to maintain your CDA, it is mandatory to take CDA renewal courses every three years. By participating in this ongoing CDA training, you will continue to learn innovative, educational tools to help you maintain professionalism and confidence in the classroom. ProSolutions Training understands the importance of continued education and offers courses to help you grow as an educator and a leader.

ProSolutions Training offers many online child care courses, such as "Professionalism in Early Care and Education," to aid early childhood educators in learning more about their chosen career and how to maintain confidence in the classroom. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of online training and courses.