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Dear my younger self: Here's key leadership advice you should know

If you have been a leader in your industry for many years, you may have amassed a significant amount of helpful advice and lessons learned throughout your tenure. While you may use this information to impart wisdom onto younger employees, have you ever considered what you would tell your younger self given the chance?

Though you have reached a successful position in your career, your younger self may have struggled or met certain challenges that could have been avoided with a few key pieces of advice. Here are a couple thoughts you may wish you could tell the "younger you."

Be confident and trust your instincts
While your younger self may not have had all the answers, that doesn't mean you didn't have many of them. Many leaders across the country wish someone would have told them to be confident and trust their own instincts when it came to certain projects or work. It would have prevented them from spending time worrying at their desk or being too self-conscious to suggest new ideas or ways of approaching tasks. 

Don't waste time doing something you don't love

There will always be times when you have to complete a task that isn't the most glamorous or exciting to do. However, if you spent your early years working a job that failed to inspire you, don't you wish you could have advised your younger self to pursue other opportunities sooner? While you may be happy to be where you are today, you could have saved a few months, weeks or years working a job because you felt like you had to, not because you wanted to.

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