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Questions to ask yourself about your preschool classroom environment

The preschool classroom environment is a vital point of consideration for many early childhood educators, as children develop and learn when they are in an encouraging setting surrounded by supportive individuals. When children are in a healthy, caring environment, they are able to step outside of their comfort zone and gain a firm foundation of the knowledge they need to succeed. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine whether or not your classroom is well-suited for your preschoolers:

  • Does the room feel safe and comforting? Keeping children protected is a key concern for teachers, and a way to promote safety is by designing a safe classroom environment. A disorderly classroom, where materials and chairs are in chaos, can lead to student injury. No one should feel in danger in a classroom.
  • How is the room divided? There should be a variety of different activity areas where students can benefit from small-group time, large-group time and individual time. Encourage the students to participate in all of these forms of interaction and learning each day, so that they will benefit from a variety of experiences. 
  • Do the materials and activities encourage learning? How you arrange each activity area will determine whether or not children will feel welcome to participate in the activity, which affects their ability to learn. Make these materials easily accessible so that children will feel at ease while they discover something new.

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