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Preschool activities that require teamwork

In a post last year, we described the benefit of activities for preschool children that require teamwork, which consists of the three "C's"— communication, collaboration and cooperation. These are skills children will continue to utilize in a range of areas, so it's valuable to learn them from a young age. As an early childhood educator, you can integrate classroom exercises which focus on building these abilities. We will now discuss three options. 

  • Parachute: A classic and fun game, this activity also requires students to work as a team. All you need is a parachute and a ball. The goal is to lift the parachute up and down together without letting the ball fall to the ground. Children must communicate with each other as they count as a group, coordinating their movements to lift the parachute in unison. 
  • Group Art Projects: Large group murals are another activity in which children can practice their communication. In order to work effectively, children must talk with one another, indicating the space they need to draw and also giving space for others to participate. Often, they'll also share drawing techniques with each other. They may model designs on those of their classmates, further creating an opportunity for sharing and peer learning.
  • Circle Songs and Games: Another way to integrate teamwork is through games and songs. When children are assembled in a circle for a song or game, they must coordinate their movements, which requires communication, a critical component of teamwork.

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