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Collaborate with parents on adjusting to routines

 Adjusting to a daily schedules can be challenging for preschoolers, especially if they were not previously exposed to a structured lifestyle. It can be overwhelming for these young children to quickly transition from home life to a classroom setting.

Though there are ways educators can balance their structured class times with free-flowing activities and playtime, collaborating with parents to easily transition their children into adjusting to a classroom setting has proven to be extremely effective. Here are a few ways to get your students' parents involved before they arrive and while they are in your classroom:

Before they arrive
Send out a helpful newsletter a few weeks in advance of class starting, outlining all the ways you would like your students' parents to begin getting their children used to a daily schedule. Suggest that they begin waking them up around the time they will for school, talk about what they will expect at preschool, read books about preschool, and hold "mock" preschool classes where they have to sit still and listen to a fun "lesson."

All of these methods will help children begin to understand and be comfortable with the changes will that will take place. Encouraging parents to take short tours at the school before classes begin and even meet their teachers are important as well.

After they arrive
Once your students arrive, talk with their parents about the importance of keeping a schedule, even on weekends and breaks. Furthermore, sitting down and talking with parents and the students, telling them how proud you are of the students can be helpful. If the students feel that they are doing well, they are more likely to continue to adjust and meet your classroom expectations.

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