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Keep your kids germ-free this school year

All it takes is for one sick child to come to school for a virus to make its way around the classroom. There are plenty of illnesses floating around a classroom, which can be an intimidating fact unless you are aware of preventive measures to take before sending your children off on their first day. Mayo Clinic writes that many of these germs spread by contact through hands and mouths. If you want to keep your children healthy this school year, here are a few suggestions.

  • Frequent and effective hand-washing: Teach your children to always wash their hands after they use the restroom, play outside, touch their face or sneeze. Furthermore, also advise them to wash their hands before eating lunch or a snack. To ensure that they are washing their hands correctly, have them soap up and wash their hands under warm water for as long as it takes to sing their ABCs. This makes it fun and even gets them practicing the alphabet. 
  • No food or drink sharing: A good rule to teach your children is that if you put it in your mouth, don't share it. 
  • Proper coughing or sneezing technique: Pack a travel box of tissues into their backpack and replace it when it is empty. This way they will be able to cough or sneeze into the tissue, which cuts down on the spread of germs. If they run out, inform them on how they should sneeze or cough into the crook of their arm and not on their fellow classmates.

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