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Creating classroom expectations for preschoolers

A goal of early childhood educators is to lay firm foundations on which their students can continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. For preschoolers, however, the classroom can be an uncertain place full of new rules, people, and events. In order to set your students up for success, here are a couple easy classroom expectations your students can learn from and abide by without being overwhelmed:

  • Mind your hands: Preschoolers are naturally curious and prone to excitement. They may not understand personal space boundaries or know what kind of actions are appropriate at certain times. For example, when they are lined up to take a restroom break or eat a snack, they may run their hand along the wall or bother other students in line. Teach them your expectations through singing songs or telling stories about good students who keep their hands to themselves.
  • Mind your words: As preschoolers are easily excitable, they may want to tell you something right in the middle of a lesson or storytime, not knowing that they are not supposed to interrupt. Invent fun "zip your lip" activities to do as a class to indicate that it is time to stop talking. Some children may be able to pick up on the good habits of their quiet classmates. 

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