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Getting over those first-day jitters

A child's first day of school is always a mix of excitement and nervousness. On one hand, it's thrilling to get to feel grown up and meet new friends. Yet they still may be anxious about the change or feel confused about what is going to happen next. It's normal for children to feel this way. Would you believe new teachers get these "first-day jitters" as well? 


There are plenty of ways you can feel confident before your students come through your door.


Be prepared and organized

If you are nervous, one of the best ways to calm your fears is to get prepared. Start by organizing your classroom and lesson plans. Also have a plan in place for potential accidents, hiccups, and mishaps along the way. You will be ready for whatever your preschool students bring to your classroom. It's normal to be a little anxious about your first day. Don't let that worry keep you from being the best teacher you can be!


Don't forget to be yourself

Never feel like you have to fit one "preschool teacher mold" to be a success in your classroom. If you are trying to be someone else, you won't ever become the engaging, confident teacher you hope to be someday. Instead, be patient with yourself as you learn the ropes of your new career.


Being yourself and trusting your instincts are two important parts of being a preschool teacher. If you're a little goofy or enthusiastic, don't try to hide these traits! Embrace them and you'll find that your students will do the same. In the same line of thinking, don't forget to get to know each of your students as an individual. This will help you connect with them in a meaningful way.


Continue to build upon your fount of educational knowledge

Are you still feeling unprepared to tackle your preschool classroom? Consider continuing your early childhood education knowledge by taking online courses. These courses allow you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. 


Courses contain relevant information. You'll stay informed about the latest early childhood education resources and information. Start learning best practices, activities, and other tips to become the best instructor you can be today!


Check out our Back to School Bundle for more tips to help you on your first day! ProSolutions Training offers many online child care courses for first-time teachers just like you! We understand that you may get the first-day jitters, but don't want to let them hold you back from being a fantastic preschool teacher.