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Getting kindergartners and preschoolers ready this school year

The first day at school can be challenging for both children and parents. It is a significant moment where students begin learning not only their basic subjects, but how to be independent and think critically.

While you may have already started preparing them, here are a few other suggestions from psychologist Katie C. Hart, director of the Summer Treatment Program for Pre-kindergarteners, about how to have a successful first time in preschool or kindergarten.

  • Develop a routine: Before the school year even begins, familiarize your child with their new school-day routine. You can begin by getting them up and dressed at the school wake-up time and reenact what the morning will look like. Get them used to eating an early breakfast, and packing their lunch and backpack. Not only will this help them comprehend the changes that are about the take place in their life, but it will also help you relieve some of the anxiety you may have regarding this transition.
  • Talk with them about school: Before their first day, try to visit their school and learn all the daily and yearly procedures and policies. If you take a trip with your children, you can point out where they will go and explain what their first day might be like. Make sure that they are aware of the rules and know how to behave in a classroom setting.
  • You are their best teacher: Modeling an enthusiasm for learning within your home will make it easier for your children to enjoy learning at school. This may help them be better students and adjust to their new environment. Overall, remember to encourage and inspire them to continue their studies and pursue their passions as they grow up.

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