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CDA Renewal Course for Difficult Behavior

Taking CDA renewal courses is required every three years for anyone who received their CDA after June 2013.There are five steps you need to check off in order to complete your CDA renewal  

A. Complete 45 hours of continuing education training in the setting of your original CDA Credential 
       1. Training must be completed after your CDA credential's issue date. 
       2. Training must be completed within 5 years prior to the date you submit your renewal application to the Council. 
B. Choose an early childhood education (ECE) professional to complete your recommendation. 
C. Achieve First Aid and Infant/Child (Pediatric) CPR Certification. 
D. Work with young children in the setting of your original CDA Credential. 
E. Join or renew your membership in a national or local early childhood professional organization 

ProSolutions Training offers many CDA renewal coursesOne of the courses available is our Creating Positive Outcomes from Problematic Behaviors  

What Will You Learn from Positive Outcomes from Problematic Behaviors?   

Challenging behavior in young children is any action that: 

  • Is harmful to the children themselves 

  • Is harmful to their peers or their teacher 

  • directly disruptthe children’s ability to learn or play 

While this type of behavior can be difficult to deal with as an early childhood educator, the term "challenging" does not imply that the teachers and unruly children must be at odds negatively impacting the classroom environment. 

What causes challenging behavior in children varies. Though some people  may attribute poor behavior to poor parenting or indicate that the children are simply "out of control," this is not always the case. Sometimes, this behavior may result from children trying to assert their independence or make sense of the world around them. In more extreme cases, a child could be suffering from a learning disability or physical problem and is acting out to express his or her discomfort or frustration. 

Some of the typical behaviors you may encounter include being stubborn, throwing tantrums, testing the rules, and attempting to bite or hit others. Typical behaviors are unlike challenging behaviors because they do go away over time due with guidance and support.  Challenging behavior is not easily handled with typical discipline measures. Teachers can work closely with the children's parents and guidance counselors to implement a strict plan for how to handle this behavior.  A uniform approach can be beneficial for all involved. 

This is just one of the classes and resources ProSolutions Training offers to anyone seeking CDA renewal. We make the process seamless so they can complete the CDA renewal courses on their own time and at their own pace.  

At ProSolutions Training, we offer  online child care courses such as "Environments That Support Children with Challenging Behaviors," so you can stay informed, mindful, and up-to-date on the ever changing trends in ECE. When you choose ProSolutions Training, you are choosing to be at the forefront of effective classroom practices. 
If you have questions or if you’re ready to start a rewarding career in ECE contact us today at 770.642.6939  or fill out our contact us form.