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Online Childcare Training for Dealing with Disruptive Students


Most early childhood educators encounter disruptive students almost daily. However, even with this practical experience, it can be difficult to mitigate their impact and formulate meaningful methods for dealing with their bad behavior. Fortunately, there are a variety of tried-and-true strategies for managing these children.

Establish the right tone
For frustrated educators, it can be tempting to adopt an antagonistic tone when dealing with negative behavior. Of course, this rarely improves the situation. It's best to instead remain calm and communicate firmly and directly with students exhibiting less-than-satisfactory behavior, the National Education Association found. This makes it clear that you won't indulge emotional outbursts of any kind. 

In many cases, disruptive students will make excuses for their behavior or deny it outright. Ignore these excuses and move on to settling the issue entirely. This doesn't mean you should bar students from speaking during these interactions. Give them time to express themselves, but always keep the conversation moving toward a resolution.

Offer some understanding
Dealing with momentary outbursts isn't enough, especially for students who exhibit chronic bad behavior. To really address disruptive children, you must pinpoint the origin of their unhappiness, according to Scholastic. During calmer moments, talk with them to see if they can offer an explanation for their prior behavior. Additionally, speak with their parents to gain insight on what might be happening at home.

Also, use this strategy to quell feelings of anger and frustration you may have for serial classroom disrupters. Often times, these kids just need to interact with someone who understands their problems and is willing to offer empathy and help.

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