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Aspects to consider when choosing a preschool or child care facility

Choosing the perfect preschool or child care facility for your children can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for first-time parents. Even if you hear rave reviews about a certain school or facility, make sure to explore a variety of options and carefully visit each one before deciding on the right fit for your little ones. It will be difficult enough leaving them for a few hours a day, so you want to be as confident as possible about your choice. Here are two important considerations:

  • The environment: If a facility or school has clear issues, such as it looks dirty or unsafe, then that location should obviously be struck from your list.  As far as the environment's appearance goes, it should look like a homey and interactive space where your children can thrive. If you have a bad feeling about it or major concerns, it is usually best to trust your gut and pursue other options.
  • The people: When you first talk with the staff or teachers, do they seem kind and nurturing? While you are visiting, also try to notice how the teachers and administrators interact with the children in their classroom. If the employees seem to be ignoring them or not responding to their needs appropriately, these are two major red flags and reasons not to leave your children under their care. 

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