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Raising a child with ADHD

Raising children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) does come with certain challenges. Mayo Clinic defines ADHD as a chronic condition where children can have trouble paying attention, may be incredibly hyperactive, and exhibit impulsive behavior. While many young children are rambunctious, children with ADHD are significantly more energetic than their peers, which can be tiring for some parents. Though there are no treatments that can completely cure this disorder, there are many ways you can help your children take control and succeed. 

  • Encourage them to exercise: Letting your children run around in the backyard or play a sport with their friends or siblings is a great way to not only burn off some of this excess energy, but also gives them an opportunity to concentrate on whatever they are doing. 
  • Limit distractive mediums: Television and video games are two outlets that can lead to further impulsive behavior and does not help them release some of their pent-up hyper feelings. Try limiting the amount of time they spend sitting in front of these screens and encourage them to play with friends or outside instead.
  • Give them structure: Your children will benefit from a scheduled routine every day, where they know when to wake up, eat, do homework, go to bed, and more. This is one way to get them into the habit of knowing when they are supposed to work and when to play. 
  • Simplify their life: Children with ADHD can be easily overwhelmed and unable to concentrate due to competing distractions in the background. Homework and other common activities may be difficult for them for complete, so make sure to create a quiet, organized space to keep them on track.

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