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Fun Summer Activity Ideas for Young Children

Summertime is generally every young child's favorite part of the year. Being able to play outdoors, stay up later, and not having to go to school are all probably at the top many kids' list nowadays.

However, far too often in today's technology-driven society, children spend their summer days playing video games, watching television, and growing bored due to a lack of structure or routine. Are you looking for strategies to fight the summer break boredom blues?

Here are a few tips to keep your children entertained and having fun:

 Don't just build a lemonade stand - create an entire classroom farmers market! Market

While many adults probably remember creating a lemonade stand to sell beverages to kind family members and friends in their neighborhood, you can take this one step further in your classroom! Team up students and bring in various dishes or drinks that will be easy for them to make. Help each of them make their lemonade and organize fruit, muffins, and more, and then set up tables around the room or yard where they can "sell" their goods. 

Give each student fake money or tokens and encourage them to visit each others' stands in the play farmers market where they can buy and try each of the snacks. Not only will they be having fun and being independent, they will be learning how to use money and constructively interact with their peers.

 Go on a safari or treasure-hunting adventure! 

Scavenger Hunt

Making a treasure hunt for children in your facility's yard may be a lot of fun for your young adventurers. You can create funny  or interesting clues that will point them to various prizes and treats. Letting them dress up as pirates or explorers will also help them have even more fun on their hunt.

Younger students may enjoy going on a safari trip outdoors, where you can set up various stuffed animals or harmless pets around the area for them to find and take photos of. Give a group of students a disposable camera so they can document their journey and then hang up their photos on a bulletin board once you develop them. This way, they can be proud of the "ferocious tiger" they saw or the "cute monkey" they encountered.

 Get moving and make a movie or music video!  

DanceUsing technology isn't a bad strategy, especially considering electronic devices are an important factor in many children's lives today! There are plenty of free apps you can download on your smartphone or computer to easily edit any footage you film. To create a short movie, gather your students together and ask for suggestions about creating a silly script or plot for a movie. Even if they are too young to read, you can tell them to be a funny knight who rescues a princess or a hero who always does the right thing.

Music videos can be far easier for young children, as all you need to do is equip yourself with a camera or phone, and turn on the music. Your students will have a blast grooving to the music and will love seeing themselves later on when you turn it into a fun music video. Just make sure the music is catchy and age appropriate! Make copies to send home with their parents as well!

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