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Creating an outdoor classroom

Learning does not only take place inside. In fact, many early childhood education centers set up outdoor classrooms. Outdoor classrooms provide the benefits of fresh air and natural sunlight while still creating a stimulating environment for children to experiment and learn within. These classrooms can include water tables, sand tables, sensory areas and art easels. 

  • Water Tables: At water tables, children use containers, filling and emptying water into the bin. This offers children the opportunity to strengthen their measurement and math skills while learning more about depth perception. 
  • Sand Tables: Offering another great site for productive play, here students can build sand castles and other structures. The space lends itself well to collaborative play, as children work together in building structures and share instruments, including sand pails and buckets. 
  • Sensory Areas: At your sensory table, you can rotate the materials on a daily or weekly basis. Use spray bottles with water or tie a clothesline and hang clothespins and fabric for students to pin up. Focus on exercises that build children's familiarity with different materials and strengthen their fine motor skills.
  • Art Easels: Easels offer another great way for students to explore their artistic and creative abilities while practicing the muscle movements needed in writing. 

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor classrooms, refer to ProSolutions Training's "Designing an Outdoor Classroom." ProSolutions Training also offers online child care training, including CDA renewal