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Designing a preschool classroom space that promotes learning

The value of creating an optimal classroom space for preschoolers should not be underestimated. The way you arrange and organize your preschool classroom can have a big impact on safety, learning and behavior. When you organize your classroom space well, children are inspired to interact with one another and with the environment in ways that promote a higher level of meaningful learning and creativity.

As a general rule of thumb, your classroom space should be easily visible to the teacher, with clear open traffic patterns from one area to another. This type of arrangement will facilitate supervision and enable you to intervene quickly if necessary.

When designing your classroom space, designate different areas for different uses. Clearly defined spaces will help children remain focused on activities and also make smooth transitions from one project to another.

In order to ensure a successful classroom set-up, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • The art center, which may contain easels or water and sand tables, can get messy. Make sure to put this station on a hard surface like tile or concrete, rather than on carpeting.
  • Set up your library area on a carpeted surface to ensure that teachers and children are comfortable during reading time.
  • Put your plant station near a window for the best access to sunlight.

Remember that a well-designed classroom can have a direct impact on the quality of learning. By setting up a classroom with clearly delineated spaces for different activities, you help children remain focused, while maintaining a calmer atmosphere overall. 

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