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Helping your students with disabilities succeed

If you have not already, you will likely soon have the pleasure of teaching students with disabilities. While you may have to make modifications to your curriculum or classroom, empowering these students to succeed can be an immensely rewarding experience. Whether your students have physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities, there are many ways you can encourage and support these children:

Have a clear and consistent classroom schedule
Children of all age groups, learning abilities and backgrounds need a consistent classroom schedule, Intervention Central wrote. This way, they can come to expect what comes next and not be throw off guard by a surprising turn of events. While certain students may struggle with more severe disabilities and may need additional support, simply making sure all your instructions are clear and fall within your preset classroom schedule can be extremely beneficial.

Provide them with the resources and tools they need
For students who require more support, make sure that you provide them with the resources and tools they need to succeed. Whether this is having a tutor pull them aside to work each day, or providing them with books or technology that make learning easier for them, there are numerous ways you can support your students. Consult with your school administrator, research ways to be more inclusive within your classroom or take an online course to learn more about this subject!

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