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4 Online Classes for Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education sets the tone for a child's entire educational life. If you want to work, or already work with children, during these foundational years, taking a few online training classes related to early childhood education is a great way to get started, or use as a refresher. ProSolutions Training has a range of classes that can be helpful. Here are 4 of the course offerings available from the ProSolutions Training course menu.

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1. Business Practices for Early Childhood Education Settings

To be a successful educator, sometimes you need to study more than strategies for the classroom. The ProSolutions Training online course titled “Business Practices for Early Childhood Education Settings" is one of the online classes for early childhood education that focuses on education in particular. If you are interested in an early childhood education program, this hour-long course reviews the most common best practices for starting an early childhood program, as well as strategies for running it smoothly and successfully. This course also helps you identify the resources you need to open and improve an early education program. Additionally, this course helps with financial elements such as budgeting, and briefly goes over helpful ideas and ways you can support your staff and personnel.


2. Understanding Inclusion in Early Childhood Settings

All children have the right to learn, and when you take this hour-long online course on "Understanding Inclusion in Early Childhood Settings", you will learn strategies for creating an inclusive environment in your own classroom. The course covers the legal side of inclusion, while also looking at how to capitalize naturally on teachable moments and interest-driven learning opportunities. Finally, you will learn about the benefits of inclusion, not just for the students with special needs or differences, but also for other students, teachers, and anyone else involved in your classroom.


3. Special Needs in the Early Childhood Classroom

Check out "Inclusion and Children with Special Needs." As one of the key topics for early childhood educators, this one hour course highlights best practices for addressing and accommodating children with special needs in the early childhood setting. This course will share some of the most common types of special needs you might see in the classroom, as well as strategies for accommodation and support. This course also looks at the concept of inclusion, helps you learn to recognize different special needs and disabilities, and most importantly helps you learn how to modify your approach to teaching so you can help these students the most.


4. The Brain and Early Childhood: Old Myths and New Knowledge

Although much of the human brain is still a mystery, scientists have discovered a number of things about the brain. This information is helpful when transferred into the early childhood field and the creation of successful learning environments. In fact, as you will learn in courses with ProSolutions Training, early childhood educators play a major role in the development of their students’ brains.

Check out "Myth or Fact? Young Children's Brain Development." In this hour-long course, you get to learn about the basic functions of the human brain. Additionally, you will also recognize how important early experiences are to brain development, and you will get a framework that helps to evaluate learning processes and ideas to determine if they are rooted in facts based on brain research or old myths.

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