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Math is key to school success

Preschool teachers employ a variety of instructional methods to teach math concepts. Strong math knowledge and skills assist students as they progress in school. Moreover, teaching these skills to children from a young age can produce the greatest benefits. Teachers can promote math literacy and knowledge by devoting more time to these activities. In addition, you can increase student engagement by making math lessons exciting and dynamic.

Integrating math activities into your normal daily routine is easier than you may think. For instance, you can combine math and movement by having students jump while they count, a concept known as "embodied cognition." You can also create a number line, through which students can improve their counting and number recognition skills.

Additionally, you can offer children opportunities to build both their math and language skills. During large group seated time, have students discuss and compare different shapes, using foam cut-outs as reference. Certain concepts, such as the fact that a geometric shape must be a closed figure, will become more familiar to students as they get to reason out loud. At the same time, explaining concepts to teachers and peers reinforces and strengthens children's verbal skills.

Children build their math skills progressively. While the first stage may be counting to five, gradually they'll learn to associate a number with a particular amount and understand that the last number in a counting sequence indicates "how many."

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