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Integrating social studies into lessons for young children

Learning about social studies is important for young children, as this subject revolves around people, different cultures, history, and how they interact with the world. Integrating social studies into your early childhood education classroom helps children understand their community, cultural background, and how they all fit together. Just because they are young does not mean they are not aware of the society surrounding them. To provide your students with a well-rounded education, here are a couple fun activities to get them thinking about social studies:

  • Multicultural scavenger hunt: Teach a lesson about customs from a certain country and then have objects on a table that relate to that culture and mix in items that do not fit the theme. Have students pick out the items that match the culture in the lesson. Visualization is key for young learners, so this tactile activity is a great way to demonstrate the culture.
  • Historical plays: What better way is there for a young child to learn about history than to experience it? Pick a character in history and tell a story about a monumental event in that person's life, such as Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. Then, bring in props so that the children can have fun playing different parts and acting out the scene.

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