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Two fun activities to promote creativity in young children

Encouraging creativity in young children is vital for their overall development. Children discover a lot about themselves from their everyday experiences and by finding new ways to express themselves. While art and music are vital components of fostering a creative mind, there are other forms of self-expression that can be beneficial for young children. Here are two activities that can promote creativity in young children:

  • Family book club: One fantastic way to encourage creativity is to form a fun family book club. You could meet each week or month after choosing an engaging book to read together and act out as a family. Getting your kids involved in the decision-making process is a great way to foster independence in your children as well. You can have them select an engaging, age-appropriate book and then you all can talk about the story and act it out afterwards. For example, if your children pick out a colorful book about talking animals, they can draw pictures of characters they liked and put on a play about their favorite parts of the story. This activity is even more fun if you get a new book for each book club session.
  • Create a superhero identity: This can be fun for your young children and you too! Most children are fascinated by the thrill of having super powers, so encourage them to come up with their own power, name and costume idea. Once they know what they want to be, create their superhero outfit with construction paper, fabric or other materials. Then take them to the backyard or park to save the world!

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