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How to make science fun for your kids

Teaching science to young children can be challenging. Most have little concern for the scientific method and aren't interested in confronting the complicated theories that come along with the subject, though they have the mental capacity to understand them. However, exposing kids to this science at an young age is immensely important, especially today. This year, professionals in the fields of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics will earn the highest salaries, according to World Forum. Of course, this isn't some flash-in-the-pan trend - this is the new reality as our world becomes more and more technology driven.

With this in mind, you must organize engaging science-focused learning opportunities for your students. Look over these tips to get started:

Focus on experiments, not explanations
When touching on the complex concepts that form the basis of scientific thought, many teachers rely on explanations. Though this approach works for some children, others become unengaged and focus on their attention elsewhere. Instead of losing half your class with a lengthy spoken summary of key scientific ideas, organize an experiment, PBS Parents recommended. This allows children to experience these key principles first-hand, lending them memorable lessons they can easily recall.

Encourage critical thinking
Again, teaching the formal scientific method probably won't work in your classroom. However, you can get your children to think like scientists by piquing their curiosity and encouraging questions. After completing experiments or lessons, offer open-ended questions that force your kids to analyze the information they consumed and deploy their problem-solving skills, the National Association for the Education of Young Children advised. Additionally, avoid immediately answering questions. Instead, feign uncertainty and look to your children for an answer.

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