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AAP has changed its guidelines regarding screen-time for young children

Since 2011, the American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) has advised that children under the age of 2 should avoid screens such as televisions, smartphones and other source of technological entertainment. Furthermore, the organization stated that screen-time for children over 2 should be strictly limited. However, contrary to its previous guidelines, the AAP revised its guidelines in an effort to better meet modern standards and innovations. Here are some of these new suggestions:

  • Technology and media are just other environments: Media can have both negative and positive effects just like any other environment or means of entertainment. 
  • Still set limits: Everything should be approached with moderation, especially screen-time. Children can use technology as long as it does not keep them from participating in other activities.
  • Technology-free zones are beneficial: Even though children are allowed screen-time, there should be technology-free areas of the house. The AAP encourages technology-free times such as dinner time, bedtime, family time and more.
  • Make it a group activity: To keep screen-time from becoming a solitary activity, play interactive, educational video games together or watch age-appropriate shows or movies as a family. This way, they will begin to associate screen-time with family time. 
  • Content is incredibly important: Make sure to monitor the type of content children are exposed to. Whenever children are using technology, it should be appropriate for their age and a large portion of it should be educational to further their developmental growth.

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