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Get your children eating healthy

Eating healthy can be difficult in this day and age when healthy foods can cost far more than their unhealthy counterparts. This fact coupled with raising picky eaters make the issue far more difficult. Additionally, the rise in childhood obesity rates is quite alarming and is a cause to take action to alleviate this risk. According to a study at Childhood Obesity, researchers found that more than 7 percent of young overweight children were described as being "about the right weight" by their parents. Denying that your children need to eat healthier can be detrimental to their health later on in life. Here are a few ways to encourage your children to love foods that are beneficial to their wellbeing. 

  • Avoid using junk food as incentives: Though you may be pleased when your children eat all their broccoli or salad, don't reward them with candy or dessert. Furthermore, rid your house of foods loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugary sodas as they can be tempting and keep your children from wanting to eat the foods they truly need.
  • Widen their horizons: If your children do not like certain foods, try cooking flavorful dishes from other cultures that capture their attention and hopefully their appetite. Perhaps they won't mind eating  their veggies if they are surrounded by colorful, new flavors. 
  • Learning by example: Children won't want to eat well if they see you eating foods that they are not allowed to have. If you model good behavior and show them that this way is best, they are sure to follow along.

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